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Nodus 3.2 Hardware

Copyright (c) 1983-1999 by Erik De Schutter.
Compiled with MacFortran(TM) II, Copyright (c) Absoft Corp. 1988.

System Requirements:

A PowerMac computer running System 7 or a Macintosh computer with a 68020/30 processor and numeric coprocessor (Mac II series, SE30) or a 68040 processor (Centris 650/660, any Quadra), minimum 4Mb of RAM and System 6 or 7 (System 7 advised).

An extensive user manual is available.

Nodus does not run on 68020/30/40 Macs without a floating point unit (FPU) or with a disabled FPU (like the 68LC040). However, if you want to test Nodus, the Nodus ftp-site has a softwarepatch SoftFPU that can replace the FPU (this is very slow though, so you want to upgrade your Mac if you are going to use Nodus extensively).

Three Versions

Nodus 3.2 is available in three versions. Most users will want to use the PowerMac version Nodus3.2P. The older versions (the standard version (Nodus 3.2) which runs on any Mac with 68020/30/40 CPU and a FPU and the Quadra version (Nodus 3.2Q) which runs only on Macs with a 68040 CPU) are provided for backward compatibility.

You are allowed to use either one or all versions of Nodus. All versions are completely file compatible with each other and use the same Nodus_Preferences file. Both 68020/30/40 versions are also 32-bit clean and compatible with the 68040 cache on the Quadras (using the cache results in faster performance).