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Free Nodus 3.2

Copyright (c) 1983-1999 by Erik De Schutter.
Compiled with MacFortran(TM) II, Copyright (c) Absoft Corp. 1988.

Starting in 1999 Nodus is freely available.
You are warned, however, that we do not intend to upgrade or debug the prorgram anymore. As many users still find it a useful program we keep distributing it.
Please cite "De Schutter E.: Computer software for development and simulation of compartmental models of neurons. Computers in Biology and Medicine 19: 71-81 (1989)" in any publications or work using these free copy of Nodus.

Downloading Nodus :

You should download the files:

if you are using an older Macintosh only:


Notice that all these files should end up in the same folder on your Macintosh computer.

All the files ending with ".sit.hqx" have been compressed and binhexed. The files are marked by a double suffix: '.sit' for the compression and '.hqx' for the binhex conversion.

If you have installed the proper plugins for your web browser these files will automatically be converted.

Otherwise, download the files onto your Mac. Use a StuffIt product or another compatible application to decompress these files. First Decode BinHex File the file (this strips the '.hqx' suffix) and then Open Archive the file, select the content and click on the Extract button.