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Welcome to the GENESIS Home Page

This is a copy of the Caltech GENESIS Home Page. You have reached the European GENESIS mirror site at the Theoretical Neurobiology unit of the University of Antwerp. This page is devoted to the exchange of information between users and developers of the GENESIS neural simulator.

GENESIS is used to simulate large neuronal models and realistic neural networks on unix and parallel platforms. GENESIS was originally developed by Matt Wilson at the California Institute of Technology. GENESIS 2.1 was the result of an intensive collaboration between multiple centers, including the Theoretical Neurobiology unit at the University of Antwerp.

You may find a description of new features in the latest versions of GENESIS and Parallel GENESIS (PGENESIS) in the Hypertext manual.

Manual, book A Hypertext version of the GENESIS Reference manual

screen Samples of GENESIS Tutorial Simulations

Examples of GENESIS Research Simulations

Recent publications involving GENESIS

Coming to a bookstore near you: The Book of GENESIS

GENESIS on Parallel Computers

Information on the GENESIS-based Neural Database (part of the Human Brain Project).


If you have any questions regarding GENESIS, please email: