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Rate dependence of task-related cerebral activations: a PET-study.

L. Cornette, P. Dupont, H. Peuskens, G. Bormans, K. Claeys, E. De Schutter, L. Mortelmans, G.A. Orban

Human Brain Mapping -:- (1999)

Abstract - We previously delineated the visual short-term memory neural substrate involved in orientation discrimination, using a successive discrimination, i.e. the temporal same-different task (TSD) [1]. This network involves occipito-temporal and cerebellar regions. However, a previous study [2] using the same task paradigm suggests stimulus presentation rate strongly modulates the activity pattern within this network: whereas mainly occipito-temporal regions are differentially activated at a fast rate, a fronto-parietal network is activated at a slow rate. Using a parametric variation of rate, the current study further investigates the contribution of the cerebral and cerebellar regions to sensory discrimination.