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Why are computational neuroscience and systems biology so separate?

E De Schutter

Computational Neuroscience Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.

PLoS computational biology 4:e1000078 (2008)

Abstract - Despite similar computational approaches, there is surprisingly little interaction between the computational neuroscience and the systems biology research communities. In this review I reconstruct the history of the two disciplines and show that this may explain why they grew up apart. The separation is a pity, as both fields can learn quite a bit from each other. Several examples are given, covering sociological, software technical, and methodological aspects. Systems biology is a better organized community which is very effective at sharing resources, while computational neuroscience has more experience in multiscale modeling and the analysis of information processing by biological systems. Finally, I speculate about how the relationship between the two fields may evolve in the near future.

PMID: 18516226 [PubMed]