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Novelty detection in a Kohonen like netwerk with a Long Term Depression learning rule.

D. Theofilou, V. Steuber, E. De Schutter


Neurocomputing 52-54:411 - 417 (2003)

Abstract - In the cerebellar cortex, long-term depression (LTD) of synapses between parallel fibers (PF) and Purkinje neurons can spread to neighboring ones, independently of their activation by PF input. This spread of non-specific LTD around the activated synapses resembles how units are affected in the neighborhood of the winner in a Kohonen Network (KN). However in a classic KN the weight vectors become more similar to the input vector with learning, while in the LTD case they should become more dissimilar. We devised a new LTD-KN where units, opposite to the classic KN, decrease their response (LTD-like) when a pattern is learned and we show that this LTD-KN functions as a novelty detector.