[Comp-neuro] computational neuroscience phd opportunities with Dan Goodman, Imperial College

Dan Goodman d.goodman at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Sep 15 18:11:38 CEST 2020

One or more PhD positions in theoretical and computational neuroscience 
are available in the group of Dan Goodman at Imperial College London. I 
am interested in supervising students with a strong mathematical, 
computational or neuroscience background. There is no deadline, and 
applications will be considered as they arrive, but earlier applications 
typically have a higher chance of getting a funded place, and EU 
applicants in particular should apply immediately (see note below).

At the moment, the main research direction in the group is in applying 
methods from machine learning to models with a more biological flavour 
than the artificial neural networks typically studied in machine 
learning. This could include neurons with temporal dynamics, spiking 
neurons, etc. The aim is to use machine learning methods to find 
biologically relevant insights. To get a feel for this sort of work, you 
might be interested in seeing some of the recorded talks 
from a recent workshop I organised. However, our group has a fairly 
diverse range of interests and I am very happy to receive applications 
on a wider variety of topics than this (including theory of neural 
processing, auditory and other sensory systems, and simulation and data 

If you are interested in applying, please see the detailed instructions 
on my website:


*Note on Brexit.* EU students starting a PhD in 2020-21 will still have 
the right to study in the UK, and be eligible for UK fee status and for 
financial support for the full duration of their course. However, the 
last opportunity for a funded place starting in the 2020-21 academic 
year will be a funding panel to take place in late October 2020, so EU 
candidates should get applications in as soon as possible, and please 
include a note in your email to me to make clear you are an EU candidate.

Dan Goodman

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