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Thu Sep 3 22:26:55 CEST 2020

  Dear all

We invite contributions to the Frontier's Research topic - ' Exploring
Psychopathology: Utility, Action-Selection and Beyond'

A huge body of work on understanding each of many psychiatric conditions in
the context of behaviors, neural correlates, and intervention is available
and still on-going. One area of research that is rapidly gaining ground is
that of impaired decision making in psychiatric disorders such as anxiety,
OCD, schizophrenia, etc. The role of more abstract constructs such as
emotion, effort, and motivation in utility or value computation and action
selection or policymaking is still quite nascent. This Research Topic
attempts to bring together research projects that address this need.

We welcome theoretical and experimental studies that apply ‘reward or
utility maximization and action-selection’ framework to psychiatric
conditions such as impulsive (e.g. gambling, addiction), mood and anxiety,
and compulsive disorders. Novel approaches that expand this framework and
incorporate constructs such as emotion, effort, and motivation are of
special focus.

The call is open but not restricted to:
● Novel experimental studies/paradigms that investigate effort, motivation,
mood, and anxiety in a reward-utility framework in health and disease such
as OCD, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.
● Computational models that utilize either data-driven, simulation-based
approaches, and reinforcement learning models where the abstract factors
such as effort, motivation, mood, and anxiety are represented in terms of
value or utility.
● Research that focuses on studying the causal relationship between
decision making and effort, motivation, mood, and anxiety
● Translation research such as pharmacological interventions where insights
gained could potentially help design novel treatment/ diagnostic methods.

Abstract deadline: 30th September 2020
Manuscript deadline: 01 Jan 2021


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