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  Reminder: Misha Mahowald Prize 2020


The Misha Mahowald Prize 
recognizes outstanding research in neuromorphic engineering. The Prize 
is named for the late Misha Mahowald, one of the most influential 
pioneers of the field of neuromorphic engineering.

The award is considered annually.

The competition is open to any individual or research group worldwide.

The Prize is for a project, not persons.

Entries will likely to fall into one or more of the following categories:

  * a neuromorphic circuit, device or system
  * a neuromorphic algorithm or operating principle
  * a tool which promotes the use of neuromorphic engineering technology

The entry may be a summary of a published or unpublished paper, or a 
description of a project, product or service.

Every project will be considered on its own merits, regardless of the 
development budget or the group who worked on it. We strongly encourage 
everyone who has developed a novel contribution to the field to enter, 
no matter how large or small the project. Projects can be submitted even 
if they are still in progress. They will be judged according to the 
results achieved at the time of submission.

The submission of revised versions of projects that have been 
unsuccessful in previous years, is strongly encouraged.

    2020 Prize

  * The value of the 2020 Prize will be $10,000.
  * The prize is decided by a Jury of internationally recognized experts
    under the chair of Prof. Terry Sejnowski
  * The submission document is limited to 4 A4 pages. This will be a
    brief description of the work: its novelty, _reality_, performance,
    and its potential impact. Include links to relevant
    images/tables/original papers, etc.
  * Details can be found here

  * The submission deadline is 23:59 UTC 31 October 2020.
  * The decision of the Jury concerning the 2019 Prize will be announced
    in December 2020.

The prize is administered by /iniForum/, a Swiss association and events 
management company that promotes education, research and applications of 
brain-like computation.

Contact: info at iniforum.ch <mailto:info at iniforum.ch>
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