[Comp-neuro] PhD programs in computational and theoretical neuroscience at the University of Washington

Adrienne L Fairhall fairhall at uw.edu
Mon Nov 23 19:41:12 CET 2020

Looking for PhD opportunities? Join the vibrant, collaborative
theoretical/computational neuroscience community at University of
Washington in Seattle! Research areas span the full spectrum of scales,
mechanisms, and functions of the brain — from the cellular biophysics of
computation to brainwide models of neural processing and cognition to
next-generation brain/computer interfaces. The Computational Neuroscience
Center <https://cneuro-web01.s.uw.edu>, directed by Adrienne Fairhall and
Eric Shea-Brown, is a hub for research in mathematical and computational
neuroscience, connecting researchers at the University of Washington across
campus and to the extended neuroscience community in the Pacific Northwest
including the Allen Institute
<https://alleninstitute.org/what-we-do/brain-science/>. UW is home to
the Center
for Neurotechnology <http://www.csne-erc.org/>, a leader in BCI
technologies and neuroethics, and a member of the Weill Neurohub
<https://www.weillneurohub.org/>, which collaboratively links UW with
researchers with the neuroscience communities at UCSF and UC Berkeley.
Specialized training is available in data science through the eScience
Institute <https://escience.washington.edu>. Please visit our webpage
<https://cneuro-web01.s.uw.edu> to learn more about faculty research
interests and our wide range of community activities.

The neuroscience community at UW is interdisciplinary, and students have
the freedom to work across departments. Programs of interest to students
wishing to study computational neuroscience include (w/ computational
faculty in bold):

Nov. 30):  faculty include Nick Steinmetz, Wyeth Bair, Anitha Pasupathy,
Beth Buffalo, Bing Brunton, Ione Fine, David Gire, Jeff Ojemann, Adrienne
Fairhall, Eric Shea-Brown, Jeff Riffell, Steve Perlmutter, Fred Rieke, John

(Deadline Dec. 15):  faculty include Raj Rao

(Deadline Dec. 15):  faculty include Eric Shea-Brown, Nathan Kutz, Eli
Shlizerman, Bing Brunton, and Adrienne Fairhall as well as Allen Institute
affiliate faculty Michael Buice and Stefan Mihalas

(Deadline December 1): faculty include Bing Brunton, David Perkel, Jeff
Riffell, Tom Daniel

(Deadline Dec. 15): faculty include Chet Moritz, Amy Orsborn, Azadeh
Yazdan-Shahmorad, Howard Chizeck

(Deadline Dec. 1): Faculty include Amy Orsborn, Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad,
Jay Rubinstein

(Deadline Dec. 1): Faculty include Sheri Mizumori, Ariel Rokem, David Gire,
Ione Fine, Geoff Boynton, Eliot Brenowitz, Andrea Stocco

(Deadline December 1): Faculty include Daniela Witten and Ali Shojaie

(Deadline Jan 5. ):  faculty include Adrienne Fairhall, Fred Rieke
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