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The Georgia Tech/Emory Computational Neuralengineering Training Program (CNTP) is a collaborative partnership with the mission of training the next generation of researchers at the intersection of computational neuroscience, data science and clinical neurophysiology. The CNTP is a training program supported by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) to address the opportunities provided by the explosion of tools for measurement and manipulation of nervous system function and the challenges posed by neurologic disorders. Trainees in CNTP program consists of PhD students with clear interest in quantitative training and either basic or clinical study of the brain, and who are pursuing studies in any of these degree programs: Biomedical Engineering (GT and Emory), Bioengineering (GT), Electrical and Computer Engineering (GT) or Machine Learning (GT) PhD programs. In addition to the benefits of being part of the broad computational neuroscience community in Atlanta, CNTP trainees have access to a new restricted course on Clinical Experience for Engineers, regular meetings with the cohort for rich discussions in technical and professional development topics, and an annual retreat with faculty and students for deeper dives into research discussions.

Fellows in the CNTP receive two years of funding which supports a rotation program between labs in the first year. Fellow applications are solicited in the spring from applicants to the degree programs listed above. To be considered for the CNTP Fellowship, all you need to do is apply to a participating graduate program and have aligned interests expressed in your research statement. Scholars in the CNTP are full members of the community with access to all of the same programming (but without the fellowship funding). Scholar applications will be solicited in the summer from students joining labs in the upcoming fall.

While there are low barriers to performing interdisciplinary research across departmental boundaries, admissions are handled separately by each degree program. Students interested in participating in the CNTP program should apply to the program that best fits their goals and interests. Application deadlines are listed below, along with the CNTP training faculty affiliated with each degree program. Please contact crozell at gatech.edu with questions.


Biomedical Engineering (GT and Emory)
DEADLINE: December 1
Application information: https://www.bme.gatech.edu/bme/grad-prospective-student-apply

Bioengineering (GT)
DEADLINE: Same as the home school selected during application
Application information: https://bioengineering.gatech.edu/applying-bioengineering-program

Electrical and Computer Engineering (GT)
DEADLINE: December 16
Application information: https://www.ece.gatech.edu/graduate-admissions

Machine Learning (GT)
DEADLINE: Same as the home school selected during application
Application information: http://ml.gatech.edu/phd/admissions

***CNTP Training faculty***

--Georgia Tech--
Garrett Stanley
Chris Rozell
Rob Butera
Hannah Choi
Tim Cope
Constantin Dovrolis
Eva Dyer
Irfan Essa
Ross Ethier
Bilal Haider
Hang Lu
Susan Margulies
Cassie Mitchell
Machelle Pardue
Peng Qiu
Annabelle Singer

--Emory University--
Lena Ting
Michael Borich
Gordon Berman
Nick Boulis
Gary Clifford
Bob Gross
Shawn Hochman,
Dieter Jaeger
Shella Keilholz
Robert Liu
Babak Mahmoodi
Svetlana Miocinovich
Ilya Nemenman
Chethan Pandarinath
Astrid Prinz
Sam Sober
Thomas Wichmann
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