[Comp-neuro] Special Research topic in Frontiers of Neuroscience: “Symmetry as a Guiding Principle in Understanding Neural Information Processing.”

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*S**pecial Research topic in Frontiers of Neuroscience. Guest editors: T.
Poggio (MIT),F. Anselmi (BCM), A. Patel (BCM), A. Tacchetti (Deep mind)*

*Title:  *“Symmetry as a Guiding Principle in Understanding Neural
Information Processing.”

Researchers are invited to submit papers for this special edition.

For more information, or to submit a manuscript, please visit URL:


Submission deadline: April 13, 2021

The aim of this Research Topic is to cover promising, recent, and novel
research trends regarding on the role of symmetry in shaping the learning/
information processing and neuronal organization in the brain, within a
theoretical and computational perspective.

Areas to be covered in this Research Topic may include, but are not limited

   - New architectures beyond convolutional networks: biologically
   plausible sensory representations that are simultaneously selective for
   object identity and invariant to nuisance variation (including but not
   limited to group transformations, beyond translations) in mammalian cortex.
   - Sample complexity and invariant representations: is the brain using
   symmetries to perform efficient computation?
   - Variants of common plasticity rules or new class of rules that
   incorporate sensory data symmetries: how can the brain discover data
   symmetries and learn to represent sensory input in an invariant way?
   - Role of time continuity, crucial in the sensory experience, in
   defining classes of symmetries (implicit unsupervised labelling

For questions, please contact Prof. Fabio Anselmi via email:
Fabio.Anselmi at bcm.edu
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