[Comp-neuro] Fully funded 4-year PhD Position at IIT - Computational approaches to study the neural code

Stefano Panzeri stefano.panzeri at gmail.com
Mon May 4 16:37:29 CEST 2020

Fully funded 4-year PhD Position at IIT - Computational approaches to study
the neural code

We are seeking candidates for a fully funded 4-year PhD position at the
Italian Institute of Technology’s in the lab directed by Stefano Panzeri (

We are particularly interested in candidates that wish to work in a project
in collaboration with the experimental neurophysiology laboratory of
Giuliano Iurilli (https://www.iit.it/people/giuliano-iurilli).

We are interested in using mathematical models of neural networks and
information theoretic and machine learning analytical tools to understand
the principles of neural coding by using as a model the olfactory system.

 For recent representative publications of Panzeri and Iurilli on relevant
topics please see:

Chong et al, in press, preprint available at

van Vugt B, et al, (2018) Science: DOI: 10.1126/science.aar7186

Runyan C. A., et al (2017) Nature: 548: 92-96

Panzeri, S, et al (2017) Neuron 93: 491-507

Iurilli, G. and Datta, R.S.  (2017) Neuron 93 , 1180-1197

Safaai, H. et al (2015) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 112(41): 12834–12839

 The ideal candidate should have a strong background in numerate sciences,
and have a strong propensity for interdisciplinary research. No extensive
previous experience in neuroscience is needed. However, a keen interest in
understanding the brain is essential.

 The deadline for the formal application is set to May 27th 2019, but
interested candidates are invited me to contact us informally by email (
stefano.panzeri at iit.it and Giuliano.urilli at iit.it ) as soon as possible,
and *no later than May 11th 2020,* by attaching their CV and briefly
explaining their interest in this position, to initiate discussion about
potential PhD projects of interest.

Yours truly,

 Stefano Panzeri
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