[Comp-neuro] Announcement: Online Seminar Series on Consciousness

Xerxes D. Arsiwalla x.d.arsiwalla at gmail.com
Sun May 3 16:03:25 CEST 2020

Dear Comp-Neuro Community,

Hope you are all doing well in these difficult times! This is to announce a
new online seminar series on consciousness that will include regular weekly
or bi-weekly talks until the end of 2020 by well known researchers in the

As in the previous years, part of the seminar will be devoted to discussing
new ideas, visions and recent results. This time, we would like to put more
emphasis on critically assessing the use of mathematics in studying
consciousness. How exactly do mathematical approaches integrate with and
depend on neuroscientific and philosophical research? Do they allow to go
beyond what non-formal approaches can do? If so, how?

To answer these and similar questions, we will host talks, discussion
sessions, background lectures and tutorials. Our overall goals in doing so

   - To review the various mathematical approaches that are being used in
   consciousness science.
   - To discuss the underlying visions and the current progress of each.
   - To assess the merits and drawbacks of the mathematical method as a
   whole in this context.
   - To develop a rigorous understanding of how precisely mathematics can
   be used to address the problem of consciousness.
   - To identify key questions that a mathematical science of consciousness
   should address.
   - To help establish a comprehensive methodology of mathematical
   consciousness research, which is intimately tied to both empirical and
   conceptual research in neuroscience, philosophy and related disciplines.

A partial and developing list of confirmed speakers include:


   Karl Friston, University College London

   David Balduzzi, DeepMind Google

   Chen Song, Cardiff University

   Anil Seth, Sackler Center for Consciousness Science, Sussex

   Ryota Kanai, Araya Artificial Intelligence, Tokyo

   Jenann Ismael, Columbia University in New York


   Jennifer Windt, Monash University

   Erik Hoel, Allen Discovery Centre

   Andrew Haun, Center for Sleep and Consciousness, UW-Madison

   Rafi Malach, Weizmann Institute of Science

   Catherine Tallon-Baundry, École normale supérieure

   Nao Tsuchiya, Consciousness tLab, Melbourne

   Liad Mudrik, Tel Aviv University

   William Seager, University of Toronto

   Selen Atasoy, University of Oxford

   Jeffrey Yoshimi, University of California Merced

As in the previous events, we hope to create an open-minded and
non-dogmatic atmosphere. This is one reason why we would like to cordially
invite you all to join the seminar. To do so, simply visit the seminar's
website (https://seminar.math-consciousness.org), click on the tab "Join"
and follow the explanations there. Further information about the seminar is
given in the tab "Details" and will be announced to those who have joined

We hope to see many of you online in the next couple of months!

Stay safe!

The organizers

Johannes Kleiner (Munich)
Joanna Szczotka (Sussex and Krakow)
Xerxes D. Arsiwalla (Barcelona)
Sean Tull (Oxford)
Robin Lorenz (Oxford)
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