[Comp-neuro] Virtual Mini-symposiums on Olfaction, SIAM-LS20

Cheng Ly cly at vcu.edu
Fri Jun 26 07:02:18 CEST 2020

Live (free!) virtual talks on olfaction, part of the SIAM-LS20 program.Title:
Uncovering Mechanisms of Olfactory Sensing and Olfactory-Driven Behaviors
*On Wednesday June 30 from 3pm-5pm EDT: *
- The Construction of Odor Representations Via Olfactory Bulb
Oscillogenesis abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103893>*Thomas A. Cleland*,
Ayon Borthakur, and Jack Cook, Cornell University, U.S.- Selectivity of
lateral inhibition in the olfactory bulb abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103894>Daniel R. Zavitz, ;
Isaac Youngstrom, University of Utah, U.S.; *Alla Borisyuk*, University of
Utah, U.S.; Matt Wachowiak, University of Utah, U.S.- Dissecting the
Mechanisms of Retronasal Olfaction abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103895>*Andrea K. Barreiro*,
Southern Methodist University, U.S.; Cheng Ly, Virginia Commonwealth
University, U.S.; Shree Gautam and Woodrow Shew, University of Arkansas,
U.S.- Hyperbolic Geometry in Olfaction abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103896>*Tatyana Sharpee*,
Salk Institute for Biological Studies, U.S.; Brian Smith, Arizona State
University, U.S.

*On Thursday July 1 from 3pm-5pm EDT:*
- Dynamics of Sensory Integration of Chemical and Mechanical Stimuli Within
the Response Patterns of Moth Antennal Lobe Neurons abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103898>*Mainak Patel* and
Harrison Tuckman, College of William & Mary, U.S.; Hong Lei, Arizona State
University, U.S.; Adi Rangan, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
New York University, U.S.- Cue-Dependent Reconfiguration of the Olfactory
System for Navigation abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103899>*Andrew Sheriff* and
Leslie M. Kay, University of Chicago, U.S.- The Dynamics of Bilateral
Olfactory Search and Navigation abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103901>*Nour Riman*,
Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.; Jonathan D. Victor, Cornell University,
U.S.; Sebastian Boie, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, U.S.; G.
Bard Ermentrout, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.- The performance of crab
odor-capture organs abstract
<https://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_talk.cfm?p=103902>*Shilpa Khatri*,
University of California, Merced, U.S.; Yanyan He, New Mexico Institute of
Mining and Technology, U.S.; Laura A. Miller, University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, U.S.; Lindsay Waldrop, Chapman University, U.S.

For more info. including how to log-on, see:


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