[Comp-neuro] Young post-doc position at IMSE, Spain

bernabe bernabe at imse-cnm.csic.es
Wed Jun 3 10:45:18 CEST 2020

The "Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla" (IMSE) in Spain has an 
opening for a 3-year young post-doc position to join the Neuromorphic 
Group at IMSE (www.imse-cnm.csic.es/neuromorphs), financed by the 
Andalusian Regional Government. Gross annual salary is 30k€, which 
allows for a wealthy life in Sevilla.


- Official PhD graduation date must be after May 27th 2015, although 
earlier dates are possible in case of leaves due to pregnancies, child 
birth, adoption, major accident or disease.

- One special requirement is that candidates must present an official 
certificate from the Public Employment Service of their country showing 
they are either unemployed or demanding a better position.

- Deadline for candidacy submission is June 17th, although prospective 
candidates should contact us at bernabe at imse-cnm.csic much earlier to 
prepare the proposal.

The IMSE Neuromorphic Group develops research in Silicon chips and FPGAs 
for neuromorphic hardware with stronger focus on vision applications. We 
have developed several DVS (Dynamic Vision Sensor) cameras as well as 
cortical processing systems and spiking based learning techniques. In 
the last years we have strongly engaged into exploiting memristors for 
neuromorphic hardware and have designed full monolithic CMOS-memristive 
neuromorphic systems. We welcome both, candidates with more hardware 
profile (either analog or digital) as well as with more computing 
profile. The successful candidate can participate in any of the active 
research projects in the group, can also develop alternative research 
lines within the neuromorphic field, participate in grant proposals, and 
advice PhD and MSc students.

Please do redistribute. Deadline is very short. Thanks.

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