[Comp-neuro] International Brain Laboratory postdoc position at UCLA

Hannah M Bayer hmb2164 at columbia.edu
Mon Jul 20 22:34:31 CEST 2020

The Churchland lab at UCLA has an opening for a postdoctoral fellow in
neuroscience who will be part of the International Brain Laboratory (IBL).
The IBL (https://www.internationalbrainlab.com/) is a large-scale
international collaboration in brain research, which combines the efforts
of approximately 50 scientists in 22 laboratories toward understanding the
brain-wide basis of a complex behavior.

Now in its third year, the IBL has already achieved standardization and
replication of the mouse behavioral paradigm across labs and the effort to
map the entire mouse brain at single neuron resolution is now underway.
Postdocs in the IBL contribute to collecting datasets and building
collaborative infrastructure in addition to developing and leading their
own personal projects, which are accelerated and enhanced by taking
advantage of the IBL experimental and computational tools and by mentoring
from the other members of the collaboration. It is expected therefore that
IBL postdocs will publish multiple impactful first-author papers in
addition to being part of consortium-wide papers. For more information
about the advantages of postdoctoral research at IBL, see

The ideal candidate for this position has experience in rodent physiology
experiments and in data analysis (ideally using Python). They will have a
record of rigorous and creative scientific work, and are excited about the
possibility of joining a large, innovative collaboration at the forefront
of modern neuroscience.

The International Brain Laboratory is committed to opposing all forms of
discrimination, raising awareness and tackling the causes and consequences
of discrimination. We pledge to provide a learning and working environment
in which the rights and dignity of all members are respected and which is
free from discrimination, prejudice, intimidation and all forms of
harassment including bullying; to making a diverse mix of talented people
feel valued, motivated and enabled to do their best work; and to creating a
safe, welcoming working environment accessible to all. We encourage
individuals who will contribute to achieving these aims to apply.

Please send CV and cover letter to Anne.Churchland at internationalbrainlab.org
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