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The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience publishes research articles on the mathematical modelling and analysis of all areas of neuroscience.

The current list of journal articles is available at http://www.mathematical-neuroscience.com/ :

Methods to assess binocular rivalry with periodic stimuli
Authors: Farzaneh Darki and James Rankin

Understanding the dynamics of biological and neural oscillator networks through exact mean-field reductions: a review
Authors: Christian Bick, Marc Goodfellow, Carlo R. Laing and Erik A. Martens

Spatially extended balanced networks without translationally invariant connectivity
Authors: Christopher Ebsch and Robert Rosenbaum

Geometry of color perception. Part 1: structures and metrics of a homogeneous color space
Authors: Edoardo Provenzi

Mesoscopic population equations for spiking neural networks with synaptic short-term plasticity
Authors: Valentin Schmutz, Wulfram Gerstner and Tilo Schwalger

All articles are Open Access.
The Impact Factor of the journal is 2.091

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