[Comp-neuro] Professorship position in explainable/interpretable Machine Learning

Jörg Lücke joerg.luecke at uni-oldenburg.de
Wed Jul 15 10:56:16 CEST 2020

Dear list,

Let me draw your attention to a currently advertised position on 
explainable / interpretable learning algorithms. The position is in the 
Health Sciences but researchers with a data analysis background 
interested in developing in the direction of health data analysis are of 
interest. Also candidates with a computational neuroscience background 
or a robotics background are of interest. So the spectrum of potential 
candidate profiles is relatively broad.

Please see the following link for the official advertisement.


The position is a German W2 Professorship position (similar Associate 

Thanks and best wishes,

Jörg Lücke

Jörg Lücke (PhD)
Professor and Head of the Machine Learning Lab
Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg


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