[Comp-neuro] FENS Workshop on Glial interfaces: Technology & Methods to uncover the 4D glial role in brain function & dysfunction

Maurizio De Pittà mauriziodepitta at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 15:11:40 CEST 2020

Dear colleagues,

please mark it on your calendar and disseminate among your contacts:

This year's FENS Forum of Neuroscience, which will take place online
due to the ongoing Covid19 health emergency, will feature a
multidisciplinary workshop on "Glial Interfaces: Technology & Methods
to uncover the 4D glial role in brain function & dysfunction" on
Saturday, July 11, 2020, 9 am-11.30 am (BST: British Summer Time,

Program at a glance:

Multiscale excitation and recording of astrocytes signaling and conductance by
nanostructured devices, Valentina Benfenati, National Research
Council, CNR-ISOF, Italy,

Exposure to graphene oxide alters astrocyte homeostasis and
astrocyte-to-neuron communication, Fabrizia Cesca, University of
Trieste, Italy.

Lessons learned from a tissue-engineered 3D model of the glial scar,
Ana Paula Pêgo, Institute for Bioengineering (INEB), and Institute for
Research and Innovation in Health (I3S), Portugal.

Reverse engineering neuron-glial interactions: An overarching approach
from cellular biophysics to medicine, Maurizio De Pitta, Basque Center
for Applied Mathematics, Spain.

Exploring the structure, neuronal content, and functional significance
of astrocytic domains of behaving animals with CLARITY and 2-photon
imaging, Adi Doron, The Hebrew University, Israel.

The color of pain: Technology advances allowing the future objective
quantification, Mark Hutchinson, University of Adelaide, Australia.

A Live Q&A session will follow the workshop.

For further information:

Thank you for your consideration.

Maurizio De Pitta

Maurizio De Pitta'
Research Fellow
MCEN -- Group of Mathematical, Computational and Experimental Neuroscience
BCAM -- Basque Center of Applied Mathematics

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