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Neural Computation - Volume 32, Number 2 - February 1, 2020

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Face Representations via Tensorfaces of Various Complexities
Sidney Lehky, Anh-Huy Phan, Andrzej Cichocki, and Keiji Tanaka


Transition Scale-spaces: A Computational Theory for the Discretized 
Entorhinal Cortex
Nicolai Waniek

 From Synaptic Interactions to Collective Dynamics in Random Neuronal 
Networks Models:
Critical Role of Eigenvectors and Transient Behavior
Ewa Gudowska-Nowak, Maciej A Nowak, Dante Chialvo, Jeremi K Ochab, and
Wojciech Mateusz Tarnowskic

Synaptic Scaling Improves the Stability of Neural Mass Models Capable of
Simulating Brain Plasticity
Jure Demsar, Rob Forsyth

Scaled Coupled Norms and Coupled Higher Order Tensor Completion
Kishan wimalawarne, Makoto Yamada, and Hiroshi Mamitsuka

Improving Generalization via Attribute Selection on Out-of-the-box Data
Xiaofeng Xu, Ivor W. Tsang, and Chuancai Liu


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