[Comp-neuro] Phd position in perceptual decision making @ TU Darmstadt

Jäkel, Frank jaekel at psychologie.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Jan 22 16:13:01 CET 2020

The Models of Higher Cognition group (PI: Frank Jaekel) at the TU Darmstadt Centre for Cognitive Science is looking for a PhD student in the area of perceptual decision making. In a joint DFG-project with the Neurophysiology group at the University of Mainz (PI: Maik Stuettgen) we are investigating neural and cognitive processes underlying criterion learning. We are looking for candidates who are interested in theory and modeling (signal detection theory, probabilistic models, reinforcement learning, neural networks) as well as psychophysical experiments in humans.

Informal inquiries can be sent to

jaekel at psychologie.tu-darmstadt.de<mailto:jaekel at psychologie.tu-darmstadt.de>.

More information on the Models of Higher Cognition group can be found here:


and the full job ad is here:


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