[Comp-neuro] Call for papers: ICLR workshop on Bridging Cognitive Science and AI

Jessica Hamrick jhamrick at google.com
Wed Jan 15 15:15:29 CET 2020

Dear all,

Aida Nematzadeh, Kaylee Burns, Alison Gopnik, Josh Tenenbaum, Emmanuel
Dupoux and I are organizing a workshop that will be held at the
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2020. The goal
of the workshop will be to showcase research in AI that is inspired by
human cognition, as well as cognitive models that leverage AI to provide
insight into various aspects of human learning and processing.

Please see below for our call for papers. We hope to see some of you there!


Call for Papers

We are pleased to invite papers to our workshop at ICLR 2020, titled
“Bridging AI and Cognitive Science”: https://baicsworkshop.github.io/

Cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI) have a long-standing
shared history. Indeed, even today many researchers have an interest in
performing multidisciplinary research across the two fields. To this end,
our workshop aims to inspire connections between AI and cognitive science
across a broad set of topics, including perception, language, reinforcement
learning, planning, human-robot interaction, animal cognition, child
development, and reasoning. We are sourcing short, four-page papers
(deadline: February 5, 2020) from cognitive science, neuroscience, and AI
across two tracks:

The Research track will highlight advances at the intersection of AI,
cognitive science, and neuroscience. We welcome submissions on:


   AI systems which draw inspiration from natural intelligence,

   Computational models of natural intelligence that leverage methods from

   Demonstrations of failure cases of AI systems where humans or animals

   Datasets or environments for AI systems which target a particular aspect
   of natural intelligence, or

   Papers which address privacy and fairness in machine learning, using
   insights from the behavioral sciences, or

   Works which otherwise combine AI and cognitive science.

The Blue Sky Ideas track will showcase longer-term ideas or positions on
ways to connect AI with cognitive science. While we will not require such
ideas to be fully instantiated in a working system, we do expect them to be
grounded in empirical or computational evidence. We welcome submissions on:


   Aspects of cognition which are under-explored in AI,

   The order in which the research community should solve cognitive tasks
   in AI,

   How research in AI could inform research in cognitive science,

   Survey papers which summarize one area of research in AI or cognitive
   science for researchers in the other field, or

   Works which otherwise propose a longer-term idea or position about the
   intersection of cognitive science and AI.
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