[Comp-neuro] Faculty positions at Imperial's EEE department on Robotics & Machine Learning (deadline: Jan 27)

Dan Goodman d.goodman at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jan 8 22:50:15 CET 2020

We are expanding our research activities in Robotics and Machine 
Learning at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department at 
Imperial College, and we are looking to appoint up to 2 new permanent 
faculty (UK Lecturer/Senior Lecturer level, US equivalent is 
Assistant/Associate Prof) in the Intelligent Systems and Networks Group.

More details here:


These posts aren't intended for computational neuroscientists 
specifically, but might be interesting for someone who has worked 
applying computational neuroscience ideas to robotics or "intelligent 
systems" in a fairly applied way (i.e. actual robots not just simulators).

Closing deadline is Jan 27th, so apply soon!


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