[Comp-neuro] The Electrosensory Cocktail Party Problem - PhD position at Bernstein Center Berlin & Humboldt University (Physics Dep.) available

Benjamin Lindner benjamin.lindner at physik.hu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 24 17:05:41 CET 2020

*Weakly nonlinear interactions in an 
electrosensory cocktail party problem*

Within the DFG priority program 
"Evolutionary Optimisation of Neuronal 
Processing", we are looking for a PhD 
candidate to work on the detection of weak 
signals in the presence of much stronger 
distractors, a joint project with the 
experimental lab of Jan Benda (University 
Tubingen, Germany). The 'cocktail party 
problem' is here regarded as a general 
theoretical problem and will be explored 
by the successful candidate by means of 
analytical calculations and numerical 
simulations of stochastic models of 
spiking neurons. Beyond pursuing purely 
theoretical approaches, the main goal of 
this project is to understand weakly 
nonlinear interactions specifically in the 
electrosensory system of weakly electric 
fish, an experimental model system of the 
Benda lab.

In order to get an idea about similar 
approaches pursued in the past, have a 
look at some of the joint publications of 
the Benda lab and the Lindner group:

Fisch et al.  J. Neurosci. 32, 17332 (2012)
Sharafi et al.  J. Comp. Neurosci.  34 , 
285 (2013)
Grewe et al.  PNAS 114 E1977 (2017)

The successful candidate should have a 
degree in physics, mathematics or 
computational neuroscience (a background 
in neurobiology is desirable but not 
obligatory), programming skills (C++, 
Python, LaTeX, Linux), an excellent 
command of the English language, good 
communication skills, team spirit, and, 
last but not least, great enthusiasm for 
interdisciplinary projects.

Funding is provided for three years, 
starting within the next three months. For 
details on the doctoral examination 
process at the Physics Department of 
Humboldt University Berlin, see 

Applications, including a letter of 
motivation, a CV, and a list of three 
potential referees should be sent by email 

benjamin.lindner at physik.hu-berlin.de 
to nikola.schrenk at bccn-berlin.de)

The deadline for applications is March 25, 
2020, however, later applications might 
also be considered.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Lindner

Benjamin Lindner
Professor for
Theory of Complex Systems and Neurophysics

Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin
Philippstr. 13, Haus 2, 10115 Berlin
Room: 1.17, phone: 0049(0)302093 6336

Department of Physics Humboldt University Berlin
Newtonstr. 15 12489 Berlin
Room: 3.408, phone: 0049(0)302093 7934


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