[Comp-neuro] Two postdoctoral positions in cellular electrophysiology and neurobiology at SISSA, Italy

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Wed Feb 19 18:14:21 CET 2020

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Two postdoctoral positions in cellular electrophysiology and neurobiology

Two postdoctoral positions are available immediately at the Neuroscience Area of SISSA - the International School for Advanced Studies, in the lab of Neuronal Dynamics head by Dr. Michele GIUGLIANO.

Both positions are funded for up to 38 months each, on a newly funded EC-Horizon 2020 project called "Ionic Neuromodulation For Epilepsy Treatment (IN-FET)". This project combines neurobiology, nanotechnologies, electrochemistry, and electronics together towards a novel breakthrough technology in brain modulation.

At SISSA, we aim at experimentally validating novel routes for cellular and microcircuit stimulation or suppression, in collaboration with a consortium of partners which includes IBM Research Zurich, the University of Geneva, the University of Sheffield, and the Inter-university consortium for Nanoelectronics. 

We thus search for experts in in vitro electrophysiology (substrate-integrated microelectrode arrays) and patch-clamp recordings (dissociated cell cultures, acute and organotypic brain tissue slices) with a strong background in quantitative data analysis and an interest for interdisciplinary research.

The deadline for the application is 19/03/2020 and the link to apply is https://pica.cineca.it/sissa/ar-fe-neur-17-2020/ <https://pica.cineca.it/sissa/ar-fe-neur-17-2020/> 

More information at: https://www.sissa.it/bandi/selezione-pubblica-titoli-colloquio-conferimento-di-n-2-assegni-di-ricerca-area-neuroscienze-0 <https://www.sissa.it/bandi/selezione-pubblica-titoli-colloquio-conferimento-di-n-2-assegni-di-ricerca-area-neuroscienze-0>

For any scientific information, email to michele.giugliano at sissa.it <mailto:michele.giugliano at sissa.it>
For any administrative information, email to assegniricerca at sissa.it <mailto:assegniricerca at sissa.it>
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