[Comp-neuro] International Brain Lab now hiring data scientists!

Hannah M Bayer hmb2164 at columbia.edu
Tue Feb 11 22:33:39 CET 2020

The International Brain Laboratory (https://www.internationalbrainlab.com/)
is seeking 3 data scientists, who will play key roles in a large-scale
international collaboration in brain research.

The International Brain Lab combines the efforts of approximately 50
scientists in 20 laboratories toward understanding the brain-wide basis of
a complex behavior. The project will involve recording the activity of
millions of neurons in the working brain and building mathematical models
of the resulting data. The data sets this project will produce are vast and
complex, including physiological recordings, behavioural measurements, and
video, all of which must be standardized into common formats, integrated
into a single database, and subjected to quality control. These core
positions will support both experimental and theoretical work through the
entire lifecycle of data, including acquisition, analysis, modeling and

For more details about the positions, please check out:




Please address all inquiries about these positions to
info+careers at internationalbrainlab.org
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