[Comp-neuro] Announcing the release of the CompNeuro-Fedora OS for Computational Neuroscientists

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 16:27:18 CEST 2020

Hello everyone,

(Apologies for the cross-posts)

The NeuroFedora team is excited to announce the first release of the
CompNeuro-Fedora operating system for computational neuroscientists.


CompNeuro-Fedora is a Fedora Linux based Free/Open Source operating
system that includes a plethora of tools for computational modelling.
These tools are built from their sources as per the Fedora packaging
guidelines that enforce the current best practices in software

So, all you have to do is:
- download the image,
- install it to disk or a virtual machine (or run it "live"), and
- get to work!

This release of the ISO image is based on the popular GNOME desktop
environment. For computational neuroscience, it includes: Auryn,
Bionetgen, Calc: calcium-calculator, COPASI, GetDP, GENESIS, MOOSE, NEST
simulator, NEURON, PyLEMS, Smoldyn; along with multiple tools used in
analysis: the complete Python science stack: NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib,
IPython, SymPy, and Pandas, R, Julia, GNU Octave, GNUPlot, Paraview, and

Apart from this set of tools, the NeuroFedora team also provides more
neuroscience software that can be installed from the Fedora
repositories. Additionally, you also have access to the *complete* set
of Free/Open Source software packages available for the Fedora Linux

You can read more about the CompNeuro-Fedora release here:

NeuroFedora is a Free/Open Source volunteer community based initiative
to support the use of Free/Open Source software in Neuroscience. The
team consists wholly of volunteers who spend a few hours a week on this
project. We would love to hear from you, and for you to join us. We,
especially encourage students to join the community to develop their
skills while contributing to NeuroFedora.

You can learn more about NeuroFedora here:

You can get in touch with the community using any of our communication

Ankur Sinha (He / Him / His) | https://ankursinha.in
PhD candidate in computational neuroscience at UH Biocomputation | http://biocomputation.herts.ac.uk/
Research Fellow at the Silver Lab | http://silverlab.org/
Free/Open source community volunteer at the Fedora project | https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Ankursinha
Time zone: Europe/London
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