[Comp-neuro] computational neuroscience PhD positions at Imperial College

Dan Goodman d.goodman at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Oct 9 18:21:07 CEST 2019

Two or more PhD positions in theoretical and computational neuroscience 
are available in the "Neural Reckoning" group of Dan Goodman at Imperial 
College London (http://neural-reckoning.org). I am interested in 
supervising students with a strong mathematical, computational or 
neuroscience background. Projects could be carried out in several 
possible areas relating to the work in the group. Some suggestions for 
topics that would be interesting to me are below, but I'm very happy to 
consider other possibilities. In addition to working within the group, 
studying at Imperial College provides excellent opportunities for 
interacting with other theoretical and experimental researchers, both at 
Imperial and in the many neuroscience groups in London.

At the moment, I'm particularly interested in using techniques from 
machine learning to generate biologically plausible models that can also 
perform complex tasks. I'm also generally interested in how to perform 
computations with spiking neurons, and the computational role of neural 
mechanisms (such as spiking and heterogeneity). I often work in the 
auditory system, which is particularly interesting when thinking about 
temporal processing. Finally, I'm one of the authors of the "Brian" 
spiking neural network simulator (http://briansimulator.org), and I'm 
always interested in students who want to work on neuroinformatics 
projects such as simulation or neural data analysis. For more details, 
see: http://neural-reckoning.org/openings.html

Applicants should initially send me a brief CV and cover letter with a 
description of research interests or a proposed project, and will 
eventually have to formally apply through the standard Imperial College 
mechanism (http://www.imperial.ac.uk/electrical-engineering/study/phd/).

I will consider applications as they arrive, so earlier applications are 
encouraged. EU students from outside the UK are particularly encouraged 
to apply early because any offer made before Brexit will be respected on 
the basis of current rules, while the status of offers made after Brexit 
may be more complicated if a no deal Brexit goes ahead (although this is 
unlikely as the UK parliament has declared that to be illegal, but you 
never know). For more information on Brexit:


Before applying, please make sure you meet the Imperial College exam 
grade requirements:

* General requirements: 
* Country-specific minimum grades: 

Dan Goodman

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