[Comp-neuro] Research Fellow in Deep Reinforcement Learning for Machine Theory of Mind @ Oxford Brookes

Fabio Cuzzolin fabio.cuzzolin at brookes.ac.uk
Tue Nov 26 17:37:49 CET 2019

The Visual Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Oxford Brookes University,
led by Professor Fabio Cuzzolin, is seeking a Research Fellow in Deep
Reinforcement Learning for Machine Theory of Mind, to be appointed asap, on
a 30-month contract.

The deadline for application is 16th December 2019.

Salary: £31,866 rising annually to £34,804.

The Research Fellow will lead the Lab’s efforts within the Leverhulme
Trust-funded Research Project Grant “Theory of mind at the interface of
neuroscience and AI”, in partnership with Prof Barbara Sahakian of the
Department of Psychiatry of the University of Cambridge, a leading figure
in the field of Clinical Neuropsychology and the President of the
International Neuroethics Society (
https://www.bcni.psychol.cam.ac.uk/directory/barbara-sahakian). The project
aims to provide machines with ‘theory of mind’ capabilities, i.e., the
ability to guess the reasoning processes and intentions of other
intelligent agents. It will explore the possibility of creating
flexible theory of mind simulations based on the concept of reconfigurable
deep networks, trained in a reinforcement learning setting, as well as
refine and test new cognitive models for these functionalities in the human
brain. Similarities and differences with inverse reinforcement learning
will also be investigated.

The Visual Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (
http://cms.brookes.ac.uk/staff/FabioCuzzolin/) is of the top research
groups in the world in deep learning for action detection, and is heavily
investing in the topic of predicting future behaviour and events. The team
designed in 2017 the first system yet able to localise multiple actions on
the image plane in real time, and our algorithms regularly compete for the
best detection accuracies. Former PhD students have moved on to postdoc
positions at Oxford, Stanford and ETH Zurich.

The Laboratory is currently running on a budget of almost £2 million, with
seven live funded projects spanning computer vision, machine learning,
general AI, autonomous driving, surgical and mobile robotics, AI for
healthcare, decision making and uncertainty theory. We are also
significantly involved in the new £1.9 Oxford Brookes AI Incubator (AIDA),
and in the University’s Ethical AI Institute.

For an overview of our research themes and projects, please consult


You will join a vibrant and fast growing team projected to comprise 25+
people in 2019-20. You will be working on a network of cutting edge 4-GPU
and 8-GPU workstations. The Lab collaborates with various companies
including Huawei, Leonardo, Cisco, Ocado, Cortexica and Oxbotica, and is in
the process of spinning off a company in the area of action detection. We
closely work with Cambridge University’s Neuroscience, as well as Oxford
University’s Engineering and Computer Science Departments, and have
established links with IIT Bombay, Harvard, Seoul National, the Fraunhofer
Institute, and numerous other European partners.

You are encouraged to contact Prof Cuzzolin at fabio.cuzzolin at brookes.ac.uk for
more information and informal feedback on your application.

To formally apply, please follow the instructions provided here:

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