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Threshold Networks
July 22 - 24, 2019
Nottingham, UK

https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/conference/fac-sci/maths-sci/threshold-networks/ <https://eur01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nottingham.ac.uk%2Fconference%2Ffac-sci%2Fmaths-sci%2Fthreshold-networks%2F&data=02%7C01%7Csteve.baigent%40ucl.ac.uk%7C0a9ef3c99ba04a4104fb08d6b29d7a0d%7C1faf88fea9984c5b93c9210a11d9a5c2%7C0%7C1%7C636892786771611533&sdata=MU%2FXdy%2BSdYcG%2Bn8XSSEC9Sev%2BTC%2FOLqUwReSnPh%2B03A%3D&reserved=0>

This workshop will bring together a community of people interested in both networks and dynamics, with an eye to both mathematical tractability and applications to biology, engineering, physics, and the social sciences.  The emphasis will be on ‘thresholds’ in their broadest sense as exemplified by node dynamics or interactions that are described by simple, yet possibly non-smooth or discontinuous switch-like processes.  The workshop will cover both theory and applications.

The meeting will have no parallel sessions, and it is expected to involve around 60 participants (with 11 main speakers) and contributed poster presentations.


Chris Bick, University of Exeter, UK
Mario Di Bernardo, University of Bristol, UK
Ginestra Bianconi, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Jonathan Crofts, Nottingham Trent University, UK
Des Higham, University of Strathclyde, UK
Renaud Lambiotte, University of Oxford, UK
Naoki Masuda, University of Bristol, UK
Peter Mucha, University of North Carolina, USA
Sarah Muldoon, University at Buffalo, USA
Yamir Moreno, University of Zaragoza, Spain
Mason Porter, UCLA, USA

We are accepting abstracts for poster presentations at ThresholdNetworks2019 at nottingham.ac.uk <mailto:ThresholdNetworks2019 at nottingham.ac.uk>

The registration fee for the conference is 100.00 GBP.

A “Tutorial Day” (covering key concepts in dynamical systems and network science) will also take place prior to the meeting (on July 21).  Some financial assistance may be available to assist graduate students who attend both the training workshop and the conference.

Further details of this meeting and how to register may be  found at
https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/conference/fac-sci/maths-sci/threshold-networks/ <https://eur01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nottingham.ac.uk%2Fconference%2Ffac-sci%2Fmaths-sci%2Fthreshold-networks%2F&data=02%7C01%7Csteve.baigent%40ucl.ac.uk%7C0a9ef3c99ba04a4104fb08d6b29d7a0d%7C1faf88fea9984c5b93c9210a11d9a5c2%7C0%7C1%7C636892786771621542&sdata=jEXLEnMc%2BcIQ13146yMxbZm1TJRnvcAQSI%2BM8FolRv0%3D&reserved=0>

Scientific Organisers
Yi Ming Lai, Rüdiger Thul, and Stephen Coombes, University of Nottingham
Mason A. Porter, UCLA

Enquiries should be sent to: ThresholdNetworks2019 at nottingham.ac.uk <mailto:ThresholdNetworks2019 at nottingham.ac.uk>

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