[Comp-neuro] PhD positions in Neuromorphic olfaction

Michael Schmuker m.schmuker at biomachinelearning.net
Wed May 29 18:28:47 CEST 2019

PhD positions in Neuromorphic machine learning, AI and robotics for chemical sensing 
Biocomputation Group
University of Hertfordshire

We are seeking candidates who want to join an international team of researchers with the goal to push the boundaries of chemical discovery. We use machine learning, AI and robotics to develop new methods for chemical sensing (electronic noses), gas-based navigation in robots, and knowledge discovery in chemical space. 

Our group leverages a new kind of computing hardware, so called neuromorphic systems, to translate processes from the brain into algorithms for efficient computing. We take inspiration from neuroscience to develop massively parallel, event-based, and power-efficient algorithms for machine learning, inference and control.

Possible project topics include: 
* Bio-inspired signal processing and pattern recognition for chemical sensing, 
* Gas-based navigation for robots, 
* Deep learning for fragrance and aroma discovery, 
* Computing on neuromorphic hardware.

Candidates with diverse skill profile are most welcome, e.g. with a background in: 
* Machine learning and AI, or 
* Neuroscience and neural computation, or 
* Signal processing and computer engineering, or 
* Fragrance/aroma chemistry and computational chemistry methods .

Successful candidates are eligible for a research studentship award from the University (GBP 15,009 per annum bursary plus payment of the student fees). Applicants from outside the UK or EU are eligible, too.

Please contact Dr Michael Schmuker for informal inquiries (m.schmuker at biomachinelearning.net ). 

Application forms and instructions how to apply are available under http://www.herts.ac.uk/apply/schools-of-study/computer-science/our-research/the-phd-programme-in-computer-science . 

The short-listing process will begin on 1 July 2019. 

Dr Michael Schmuker AFHEA
Reader in Data Science
Biocomputation Group
University of Hertfordshire

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