[Comp-neuro] NEURON course at SFN 2019 meeting

Carnevale, Nicholas ted.carnevale at yale.edu
Mon Jul 29 21:15:19 CEST 2019

Space is still available for the NEURON course that will be held at a 
location on the campus of the Feinberg School of Medicine in downtown 
Chicago, as a satellite session to the 2019 meeting of the Society for 

This course is for you if you're

  * a lab director trying to decide whether to add computational
    modeling to your research program
  * a grad student or postdoc who is just getting started in modeling
  * an established NEURON user who wants to find out about NEURON's
    latest features

It starts with a practical introduction that reviews basic concepts, 
presents a workflow for building and using mechanistic models of cells 
and networks, and moves on to topics that include:

  * how to speed up simulations
  * how to use Python with NEURON (while still taking advantage of
    NEURON's GUI!)
  * how to model reaction-diffusion with the RxD class

For more information and the registration form, see


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