[Comp-neuro] Computational Neuroscience opportunity -- startup tackling brain disorders with ML

Nate Boyd nate at plusplustalent.com
Fri Jul 26 05:45:35 CEST 2019

System1 (system1.bio) is a drug discovery company for neurological and
psychiatric disorders, combining applied research in 3D cell culture
biology (cerebral organoids) and machine learning. We are looking for a
senior scientist to lead development of our experimental neuroscience and
machine learning platform.

Help us create a unified understanding of neural pathways and drug
interactions from calcium imaging, electrophysiology, and other data sets.
Steer our research, coordinate efforts across biology and computation, and
build our neuroscience team as we grow. This position reports to the CEO.

Founded by repeat entrepreneurs and researchers from respected labs,
System1 is assembling a multidisciplinary team with the goal of increasing
understanding of how our neural circuitry works, how it fails, and how to
heal it. We're located in San Francisco and have raised $30M of venture
funding to date.

More about us:

Organoid technology review: http://dev.biologists.org/content/144/6/938

Contact: nate at plusplustalent.com

Warm regards,
Nate Boyd
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