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Applications for postdoctoral positions in Computational Neuroscience are
invited for the laboratory of Dr. Wilson Truccolo in the Department of
Neuroscience at Brown University, Providence, RI, USA. The positions are
for the development of theoretical and data-driven stochastic models of
neuronal network dynamics, including applications to propagation and
control of epileptic seizures, and collective dynamics in neocortex. Neural
data consist of recordings of ensembles of single-neurons and high-density
local field potentials obtained via multiple intracortical microelectrode
arrays implanted in human and non-human primates.  The ideal candidate will
have a strong background in computational/theoretical neuroscience and
modeling of stochastic neural dynamics.

Related publications can be found on the Truccolo lab website (
http://www.truccololab.com/). Inquiries should be addressed to Dr. Truccolo
(wilson_truccolo at brown.edu). Applications including a CV, statement of
research interests, and the names and full contact details of three
referees should be sent to wilson_truccolo at brown.edu.

Wilson Truccolo, Ph.D.
Pablo J. Salame '88 Goldman Sachs Associate Professor of Computational
Department of Neuroscience & Carney Institute for Brain Science, Brown
Lab website: http://www.truccololab.com/
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