[Comp-neuro] PhD Position / Computational Neuroscience / Bordeaux, France

Nicolas Rougier Nicolas.Rougier at inria.fr
Fri Jul 5 14:04:27 CEST 2019

Position:   Phd in Computational Neuroscience
Keywords:   Basal Ganglia, Frontal Cortex, Decision Making, Planning
Duration:   3 years, starting 01/09/2019
Location:   Bordeaux, France
Net salary: 1680 euros / month
Contact:    Fréderic Alexandre & Nicolas Rougier

Mnemosyne (https://team.inria.fr/mnemosyne/) is an Inria research team
associated with Labri, Bordeaux's computer research laboratory, hosted at the
Neurocampus in Bordeaux (https://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/). We work closely
with labs in Neurosciences and Medicine in order to understand executive
functions such as decision, reasoning and planning, using computational models
of the main structure involved (frontal cortex, basal ganglia and hippocampus).

We are currently looking for a motivated doctoral student to join us on the
theme of decision making modeling, considering in particular the integration of
indices of a different nature. This work is part of a collaborative project
with the city and the university of La Rochelle and the funding for the thesis
is secured (salary of 1680 euros net per month).

The candidate may come from different Masters (computer science, cognitive
science, neuroscience) and must have experience in computational neuroscience
and machine learning with an interest in a bio-inspired approach. In addition
to the CV, a letter of motivation will be proposed before an interview.

Application to be sent to Frederic.Alexandre at inria.fr and Nicolas.Rougier at inria.fr

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