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Maurizio De Pitta mdepitta at bcamath.org
Sun Jan 27 21:49:05 CET 2019

Dear colleagues,

I would like to share with you the news of the publication of the book
entitled "Computational Glioscience" (Springer, 2019). The book, which
is co-edited by who is writing in collaboration with Dr. Hugues Berry
(Inria, France) showcases a collection of original chapters In
addition, feel free to reach out authors of individual chapters
independently to ask for a copy of their manuscript if needed, that
are authored by a pool of more than thirty internationally-renowned

In particular, the book aims at presenting a selection of recent
modelling approaches on the complex, emerging topic of neuron-glial
interactions, from subcellular to network levels, both for experts and
non-experts in the field.

The whole book along with individual chapters may be accessed at the
following link:

A repository with freely-downloadable code used in the simulations of
the book is also available at the address below:

The following is the Table of Contents of the book:

Part I -- Introduction
1. M. De Pittà and H. Berry,  A Neuron–Glial Perspective for
Computational Neuroscience

Part II -- Calcium Dynamics
2. I. Siekmann, P. Cao, J. Sneyd and E. J. Crampin, Data-Driven
Modelling of the Inositol Trisphosphate Receptor (IP3R) and its Role
in Calcium-Induced Calcium Release (CICR)
3. Y. Timofeeva, Intracellular Calcium Dynamics: Biophysical and
Simplified Models
4. S. Rüdiger and J. Shuai, Modeling of Stochastic Ca2+ Signals
5. M. De Pittà, E. Ben-Jacob and H. Berry, G Protein-Coupled
Receptor-Mediated Calcium Signaling in Astrocytes
6. V. Matrosov, S. Gordleeva, N. Boldyreva, E. Ben-Jacob, V. Kazantsev
and M. De Pittà, Emergence of Regular and Complex Calcium Oscillations
Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Signaling in Astrocytes
7. J. Lallouette, M. De Pittà and H. Berry, Astrocyte Networks and
Intercellular Calcium Propagation

Part III -- Tripartite Synapse and Regulation of Network Activity
8. C. González-Arias and G. Perea, Gliotransmission at Tripartite Synapses
9. A. Pillai and S. Nadkarni, Purinergic Signaling at Tripartite Synapses
10. M. De Pittà, Gliotransmitter Exocytosis and Its Consequences on
Synaptic Transmission
11. V. Volman and M. Bazhenov, Computational Models of
Pathophysiological Glial Activation in CNS Disorders

Part IV -- Homeostasis and Metabolic Coupling
12. A. Scimemi, The Role of Astrocytes in Neurotransmitter Uptake and
Brain Metabolism
13. K. Mergenthaler, F. Oschmann and K. Obermeyer, Glutamate Uptake by
Astrocytic Transporters
14. G. Halnes, K. H. Pettersen, L. Øyehaug, M. E. Rognes and G. T.
Einevoll, Astrocytic Ion Dynamics: Implications for Potassium
Buffering and Liquid Flow
15. T. Çakır, Constraint-Based Modeling of Metabolic Interactions in
and Between Astrocytes and Neurons

Part V -- Computational Tools to Analyze and Model Astrocyte Experiments
16. T. Manninen, R. Havela and M.-L. Linne, Computational Models of
Astrocytes and Astrocyte–Neuron Interactions: Characterization,
Reproducibility, and Future Perspectives
17. S. Venugopal, R. Srinivasan and B. S. Khakh, GECIquant:
Semi-automated Detection and Quantification of Astrocyte Intracellular
Ca2+ Signals Monitored with GCaMP6f
18. M. Stimberg, D. F. M. Goodman, R. Brette and M. De Pittà, Modeling
Neuron–Glia Interactions with the Brian 2 Simulator

In addition, feel free to independently reach out the authors of
individual chapters to ask for a copy of their manuscript if needed.

Please disseminate the news among your team members, students and colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration of the matter.


Maurizio De Pitta'

Maurizio De Pitta'
Research Fellow
MCEN -- Group of Mathematical, Computational and Experimental Neuroscience
BCAM -- Basque Center of Applied Mathematics

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