[Comp-neuro] postdoctoral fellowships at the Theoretical Neuroscience Group, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

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Higher School of Economics (HSE, Moscow) is pleased to announce a new post-doctoral post at the Theoretical Neuroscience Group <http://www.hse.ru/en/cdm-centre/Theoretical/> (TNG) that applies computational and mathematical approaches to understanding neural function and cognition. Research interests of the TNG at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making <http://www.hse.ru/en/cdm-centre> are wide ranging, carried out in collaboration with the experimental labs at the Center. Current research topics include computational psychiatry, computational neuroeconomics, information processing in neurons and circuits, as well as role of oscillations in cognition. The candidate will have the opportunity to further define and expand the Group’s research programme.

We are seeking highly qualified and motivated candidate with backgrounds in quantitative disciplines: applied mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering. Knowledge of biology, neuroscience and ability to work with data is highly desired.

Candidates will be trained in model building, analysis and will be offered advanced training in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Candidates will have an opportunity to develop independent research projects and collaborations under the direction of the group leading scientists.

The TNG is a structural part of the HSE’s Centre for Cognition & Decision Making <https://www.hse.ru/en/cdm-centre/> with ample collaboration opportunities within the Centre with other research groups, both within Russia and internationally. This new international group is tightly linked with the Group for Neural Theory at the Ecole Normale Superior <http://iec-lnc.ens.fr/group-for-neural-theory/?lang=en> in Paris, where research internships and visiting positions can be made available.

The job involves:

working under the direct supervision of Boris Gutkin, head of the Theoretical Neuroscience Group.
participants are encouraged to pursue their own research in parallel with working on research projects in  collaboration with other groups in the Center for Cognition and Decision Making and the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience.
participation in organization of the events and other contribution to the Lab’s development
public presentations of candidate’s own research to the researchers in the field and the broader academic community
some teaching is encouraged, though not required.

a PhD from an international research university in such fields as: neuroscience, applied mathematics, physics, engineering
a strong background in mathematical and computational modelling in neuroscience.
ability to work in a team,
fluent English
relevant experience is an asset although not required
General conditions for Post-Doctoral Research positions can be found here <https://iri.hse.ru/faq_pd>. Appointments will be normally made for one year.

A CV and research statement  should be submitted via online application form <https://www.hse.ru/expresspolls/poll/229374241.html> and  two letters of recommendation  should be submitted by the referees directly to fellowship at hse.ru <mailto:fellowship at hse.ru> by February 15, 2019. Please note that direct applications to TNG may not be reviewed.

About HSE
HSE <http://hse.ru/en> is a young, dynamic, fast-growing Russian research university providing unique research opportunities.
For more information about HSE, please visit: Centre for Cognition & Decision Making <https://www.hse.ru/en/cdm-centre/> or contact Boris Gutkin (boris.gutkin at gmail.com) directly.
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