[Comp-neuro] Postdoc position in computational neuroscience at the Gatsby Unit

Peter Latham pel at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jan 8 15:50:21 CET 2019

The Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, a world-class centre for 
theoretical neuroscience and machine learning, invites applications for 
one or more postdoctoral training fellowships in theoretical neuroscience. 
We are looking especially for someone with an interest and/or background 
in synaptic plasticity and learning. Candidates should have a very strong 
analytical background in physics, mathematics, statistics, or machine 
learning, with an emphasis on the use of Bayesian methods in neuroscience, 
a detailed knowledge and understanding of the literature, and a 
publication record in highly ranked conferences and journals. Candidates 
must also have a PhD in a relevant subject area by the agreed start date 
of the position.

Training fellowships are funded by the Wellcome Trust, and are part of a 
continuing program of training postdoctoral researchers. The position is 
available for an initial period of two years, and may be renewed to a 
maximum of three years.

To apply, go to


and click on

    Research Fellow (Training Fellowship in Theoretical Neuroscience or 
Machine Learning)

Please be sure to attach to your online application a copy of your CV, 
statement of research interests, and full contact details (including 
e-mail addresses) of three academic referees. CVs should include education 
history, details of current or most recent position, and details of 
previous employment or fellowships.

For further details of our research, go to


Questions should be directed to Peter Latham, pel at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk

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