[Comp-neuro] Workshop: Spike Sorting and Reproducibility for Next Generation Electrophysiology

Matthias Hennig m.hennig at ed.ac.uk
Thu Feb 21 12:11:52 CET 2019

Spike Sorting and Reproducibility for Next Generation Electrophysiology
24. and 25. June 2019
Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh

The analysis of extracellular recordings is a computationally and
conceptually complex task with multiple sources of error and bias that
can affect subsequent data interpretation. The advent of high-density
extracellular micro-electrode arrays (MEAs) now allows recording from
hundreds to thousands of channels that poses significant challenges.
Additionally, current analysis workflows lack standardisation, and few
attempts have been made to make perform systematic comparisons between
different solutions and approaches.

This workshop will bring together electrophysiologists and developers of
tools for the analysis of extracellular recordings, with the following

- to showcase new approaches to analyse large scale recordings
- to discuss approaches for validation and quality control
- to discuss how elements of reproducibility and provenance can be added
- to typical analysis workflows

Invited Speakers:
Alessio Buccino, Oslo
Espen Hagen, Oslo
Felix Franke, ETHZ
Samuel Garcia, CNRS
James Jun, Flatiron Institute
Jeremy Magland, Flatiron Institute
André Marques Smith, UCL
Olivier Marre, Institut de la vision
Hernan G Rey, Leicester (tbc)
Evelyne Sernagor, Newcastle
Olivier Winter, Champalimaud
Pierre Yger, Institut de la vision
(more speakers tba)

Registration is free (workshop dinner £30), spaces are limited.

More info: http://workshops.inf.ed.ac.uk/ssnge/

Matthias Hennig, Edinburgh
Cole Hurwitz, Edinburgh
Jeremy Magland, Flatiron
Alessio Buccino, Oslo

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Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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