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Dear comp-neuro,

This is a second announcement for the

Summer School of the Centre for Neural Dynamics<http://www.neurodynamic.uottawa.ca/summer.html>
At the University of Ottawa
May 26 - June 7, 2019

The application deadline on Feb. 15 is quickly approaching.

The course is intended for graduate students and undergraduate students in their third and fourth year of study in the physical sciences (e.g. physics, applied mathematics, engineering, computer science) and the life sciences (e.g. neuroscience, biology, physiology, human kinetics) who wish to develop their skills in neural data analysis and in mathematical modeling of neural activity. The topics will range from cellular to systems neuroscience, with applications in medicine. Individuals outside of academia may also participate.

The first week will consist of 3 hours of lectures in the mornings followed by an afternoon of relatedcomputer-based laboratories. The second week will consist of 3 hours of lectures in the mornings, followed by an afternoon of interactive discussions and brainstorming activities. Each day will focus on a different subject in systems neuroscience and/or medicine. Participants will work in small groups with mentors, and will be prepared for these activities by directed readings. Later in the afternoon, groups will convene into a plenary session with our experts to identify proper computational questions and associated timely research projects on the focus theme. All classes will be held on the main downtown campus of the University of Ottawa.

The course can also be taken for credit, since it is a University of Ottawa three-credit graduate course (NSC8104). The mark will be based on work done in the computer laboratories and a project. All students receive a letter stating that they satisfactorily participated in the school, regardless of whether they take the course for credit. Those taking it for credit will receive their mark from the University of Ottawa Registrar's Office later in the summer.

Important Dates

January 6, 2019: Registration opens.

February 15, 2019: Application deadline (including letter of recommendation).


  *   Prof. André Longtin (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. Richard Naud (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. John Lewis (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. Maia Fraser (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. Len Maler (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. Jean-Philippe Thivierge (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. Jean-Claude Béïque (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. Maurice Chacron (McGill)
  *   Prof. Jonathan Rubin (U Pitt)
  *   Prof. Simon Chen (uOttawa)
  *   Prof. Blake Richards (McGill,MILA)
  *   Prof. Steve Prescott (U Toronto)
  *   Dr. Saskia De Vries (Allen Institute)

Sponsored by OCNS and uOBMRI.

André Longtin
Richard Naud
John Lewis
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