[Comp-neuro] Luminous Workshop on Consciousness - University of Oxford - Call for Abstracts

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Luminous Workshop on Consciousness

Dear Group members,

If you are interested in research about the mind, and particularly on consciousness and how to measure and alter it, please read further.

In the framework of the Luminous Project (http://www.luminous-project.eu/ <http://www.luminous-project.eu/>), a workshop will take place in November at the University of Oxford, around the following axes: consciousness, its measurement and modification, computational modelling of consciousness, and the related ethical issues and dilemmas arising from these matters.

Book 21st November in your agenda now. To read more, find here the main page of the event with additional details: 

http://www.luminous-project.eu/index.php/workshop-studying-measuring-and-altering-consciousness/ <http://www.luminous-project.eu/index.php/workshop-studying-measuring-and-altering-consciousness/>

A Call for Abstracts has been issued requesting for contributions, see the specific information at:

http://www.luminous-project.eu/index.php/call-for-abstracts-workshop-studying-measuring-and-altering-consciousness/ <http://www.luminous-project.eu/index.php/call-for-abstracts-workshop-studying-measuring-and-altering-consciousness/>

Note also that the day before the workshop itself, an open public lecture on these same subjects will take place in the evening (registration details for this lecture are to be provided as they become available).

Hoping to see you in Oxford, we send you in the meantime our kindest greetings,

Organising Committee: 
Katie Warnaby & Jostein Holmgren, University of Oxford; 
Aureli Soria-Frisch & Eleni Kroupi, Starlab; 
Julia Moser & Hubert Preissl, University of Tubingen


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