[Comp-neuro] Summer internship. Role of the thalamus in sleep oscillatory dynamics underlying memory consolidation

Carmen Varela carmenv.work at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 14:04:39 CEST 2019

*Paid Summer Research Internship in Systems Neuroscience*

*(MIT, FAU)*

We are looking for a talented student that will apply analytical techniques
to investigate the role of the thalamus in the oscillatory dynamics that
organize the consolidation of episodic memory during sleep.  The project
will involve the analysis of neural data (single cells, local field
potentials) from extracellular recordings in sleeping rats.

*Requirements:*  Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills,
demonstrated initiative and dedication, ability to learn fast. Strong
analytical skills, including signal processing and programming. EECS,
Physics, Computational Neuroscience students encouraged to apply.

*What you get: *

·  Two months of research in systems neuroscience, including the
application of analytical techniques to extracellular electrophysiology

·  Spend this summer in the Jupiter campus of Florida Atlantic University,
an expanding and interactive neuroscience hub that also holds our partners
the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and Scripps Research

·   Possibility of visiting MIT in August to present results from your work.

*Contact:*  Submit resume and a brief paragraph commenting on how your
skills and background could be helpful to this neuroscience project. Let
Dr. Carmen Varela know when you would be available for an interview.
varelac at fau.edu   https://www.thethalamus.org/
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