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MSc in Computational and Systems Neuroscience – University of Leicester
We are delighted to introduce a new one-year, full-time postgraduate degree covering theoretical and practical aspects of modern computational neuroscience, and their applications in areas of cellular, systems and cognitive neuroscience. Students will learn the basics of neuroscience and how to apply different approaches from artificial intelligence and machine learning into neuroscience data modelling and analysis. The MSc Project will provide substantial experience with the main steps of undertaking a neuroscience research project, including experimental design, data acquisition, analysis and result interpretation. The programme will take advantage of the expertise of Centre for Systems Neuroscience (CSN) staff, whose research bridges the experimental and theoretical worlds.
Applications for October 2019 entry will be accepted in May 2019. We welcome applicants with a background in Psychology, Biological Sciences (or related disciplines), Neuroscience, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics.
Further details can be found on our webpage: https://le.ac.uk/courses/computational-and-systems-neuroscience-msc/2019
Please contact Joy Kocik on msccn at le.ac.uk or +44 (0) 116 373 6264 for more information.
With best regards,

Dr Hernan Rey
Programme Lead
University of Leicester

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