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Eli Selkin eli.j.selkin at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 23:00:52 CEST 2019

To all researchers,

I’ve started a list of computational and theoretical neuroscience programs,
including a list of researchers at each institution and a link for easy
access to their research. It is in its very infancy and needs everyone’s
help to flesh out schools in regions around the world.

The list can be found here:

My motivation for starting the list was to find institutions with
researchers who had interests even tangentially related to my own.
Searching through publications only yielded limited matches and institution
pages are generally outdated or not complete. Additionally, there doesn’t
seem to be any centralized list that gives an overview of what institutions
value computational or theoretical neuroscience. I wanted to change that.
GitHub is a very stable and functional way to change this. Similar to a
wiki, everyone has the opportunity to participate on an open repository.
Additionally most labs have someone who is familiar with git if not GitHub
in particular.

The list has a code of contribution with rules about formatting. This style
guide allows the list to be consistent between institutions. Additional
information about how to apply to the school is welcome. I have found that
schools, even in the US, have very diverse admission criteria. If you are
looking to attract students who are interested in your work, please add
yourself and your institution.

Many thanks!
Eli Selkin
ejselkin at cpp.edu
Eli Selkin, L.C.S.W. MS'18




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