[Comp-neuro] 1-year position for an engineer to work in Parkinson, in the frontiers of imaging and machine learning (Bilbao, Spain)

Jesus Cortes jesus.m.cortes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 16:51:41 CEST 2018

We are looking for an Engineer with skills in computer vision, programming
and machine learning to collaborate in the research project entitled:
"Study of the retina and the visual pathway by neuroimaging in genetic and
aggressive idiopathic synucleinopathies as a model to identify phenotypes
and prognostic biomarkers in idiopathic Parkinson's disease" (Principal
Investigator: Iñigo Gabilondo, MD, PhD) led by the Neurodegenerative
Diseases Group.    The data to analyse are multimodal and longitudinal,
with a sample size bigger than N=100 and consisting   in  retina OCT,
neuroimaging (structural, functional,    tensor  tensor and spectroscopy),
neuropsychology and clinical scales.

The engineer also will work in close collaboration with the Computational
Neuroimaging Group, led by Prof. Jesus M Cortes.

For further information about the groups, visit:

- Bachelor of Engineering
- Good academic marks (average score higher than 7 over 10)
- Experience in computer vision, programming j(Matlab, Python and / or R),
machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques
- Experience with the magnetic resonance imaging analysis packages SPM, FSL
and Freesurfer
- Advanced English level (demonstrable with official degree - C1)
- Intention to develop a PhD in Biomedicine. The contract is for 1 year,
but exists the possibility to extend it to finalize the PhD

  Working conditions:
- Duration: 12 months (extendable)
- Full working day (100%) (1592 annual hours)
- Estimated annual gross salary: 23,004 euros per year
- Expected start date: As soon as possible

Interested candidates send 2 reference letters and updated CV to
igabilon at gmail.com and/orjesus.m.cortes at gmail.com
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