[Comp-neuro] NEURON course at SFN 2018 meeting

Ted Carnevale ted.carnevale at yale.edu
Tue Oct 16 23:32:44 CEST 2018

A few seats remain open for the NEURON course that we will
be presenting at the SFN 2018 meeting in San Diego.  However,
the registration deadline is Friday, October 19--just three
days from today, so you'll have to act quickly if you are
interested in learning things like

* why you should be using NEURON to model biological neurons
and neural circuits

* how to get started building models with NEURON's GUI and/or Python

* advanced tips for getting the most out of using Python as
NEURON's interpreter, and using NEURON's GUI for interactive
modeling and debugging of models implemented with Python

* using the Import3d tool to convert Neurolucida, Eutectic,
and SWC morphometric data files to NEURON models

* how to add new ion channels and other biophysical mechanisms

For the course description and registrion form, see


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