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Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa officeninf at uos.de
Wed May 9 08:55:29 CEST 2018

We are proud to announce the Herrenhausen Conference on Cognitive Computing,
which will take place from December 18-20 in Hanover, Germany 


Confirmed Plenary Lectures and Keynotes:

•	David Wolpert, Santa Fé Institute, USA
•	Chris Eliasmith, University of Waterloo, Canada
•	Joanna J. Bryson, Princeton University, USA (University of Bath, UK)
•	Pieter Roelfsema, NIN Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit), Netherlands  
•	Demetri Psaltis, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland  
•	Kwabena Boahen, Stanford University, USA
•	Edward A. Lee, UC Berkeley, USA
•	Susan Stepney, University of York, UK

Public lecture (Computation and System Autonomy): Ipke Wachsmuth, Bielefeld
University, Germany


Call for Abstract:

The conference has two aims, namely to explore technological options arising
from novel computational architectures in unconventional substrates and to
work towards a general rigorous theory of computing in non-digital,
"brain-like" physical substrates. This is a profoundly interdisciplinary
enterprise. For the duration of three full days, we want to bring together
researchers from neuroscience, mathematics, machine learning, computer
engineering, physics and material sciences in a single-track "think tank"
setting with eye-opening plenary and keynote lectures, as well as carefully
selected oral presentations and comprehensive poster sessions.

The venue, the Castle of Herrenhausen, a heritage of the Kings of Hannover,
has been transformed into an award-winning center for scientific events. The
Herrenhausen Gardens stretch across hectares of classical French gardening.
This unique setting, together with generous break times, will make it easy
and natural to engage in stimulating scientific exchange.

The organizers:
•	Daniel Brunner (photonics, neuromorphic architectures / Université
Bourgogne Franche-Comté/CNRS, France) 
•	Herbert Jaeger (machine learning, nonlinear dynamics / Jacobs
University, Germany)
•	Stuart Parkin (nano systems, quantum electronic materials / Max
Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics, Germany) 
•	Gordon Pipa (neuroinformatics and cognitive computing / Osnabrück
University, Germany)

Professor and Chair of the Neuroinformatics Department Dr. rer. nat. Gordon
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webpage:         http://www.ni.uos.de
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Personal Assistent and Secretary of the Neuroinformatic lab:
Anna Jungeilges
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