[Comp-neuro] Theory-Experiment postdoctoral position in Paris [coll. Shamma/Boubenec/Ostojic]

Yves Boubenec yves.boubenec at ens.fr
Tue May 8 13:41:16 CEST 2018

A theory-experiment postdoctoral position is available at the École 
Normale Supérieure in Paris, on a collaborative project between the 
group of Shihab Shamma & Yves Boubenec and the team of Srdjan Ostojic. 
We recently investigated (*) the population-level encoding of target 
stimuli in the primary auditory cortex of behaving animals during 
discrimination tasks. Following up on this study, we now aim at 
investigating the neural bases of auditory flexible categorization in 
behaving ferrets by combining computational modeling, data-analysis and 
experimental recordings.

The successful applicant will be based at the Laboratoire de 
Neurosciences Cognitives Computationnelles (LNC2), a highly interactive 
and dynamic environment situated in central Paris (see 
https://lnc2.dec.ens.fr/fr/teams/network-dynamics-and-computations). The 
group of Shihab Shamma & Yves Boubenec where the neurophysiological 
recordings take place is located next door (https://lsp.dec.ens.fr).

The ideal candidate should be a computational neuroscientist with strong 
interest in experimental neuroscience, or the other way round.

Starting dates are flexible. The position is for two years. Candidates 
should send a letter of motivation (2 pages max), the contact 
information of 2 or more referees and their CVs to boubenec at ens.fr 
_BEFORE May 23rd, 2018_.

(*) Bagur, S. , Averseng, M., Elgueda, D., David, S., Fritz, J., Yin, 
P., Shamma, S., Boubenec, Y.* & Ostojic, S.* Go/No-Go task engagement 
enhances population representation of target stimuli in primary auditory 
cortex. Nature Comm. (in press). doi:10.1101/240556


Yves Boubenec, Ph.D.
Associate Professor / Maitre de conférences
Audition Team, Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs (CNRS UMR 8248)
École Normale Supérieure, Department of Cognitive Studies
75005 Paris, France

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