[Comp-neuro] Call for three 2-year postdoc positions at Aix-Marseille/Avignon on Language, Communication and the Brain

Demian Battaglia demian.battaglia at univ-amu.fr
Tue Mar 27 14:57:27 CEST 2018

The Center of Excellence on Brain and Language (BLRI, www.blri.fr/) and the Institute of Language, Communication and the Brain (ILCB, http://www.ilcb.fr/ ) offer:

Three 2-year postdoc positions on any topic that falls within the area of language, communication, brain and modelling, including computational modelling and advanced data analyses.

The BLRI-ILCB is located in Aix-en-Provence, Avignon and Marseille and regroups several research centers in linguistics, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, medicine, computer science, and mathematics. 

The scientific project, ideally interdisciplinary, should be supervised by at least one member of the BLRI/ILCB (see http://www.blri.fr/members.html) and should, if possible, involve two different laboratories of the institute.

. Duration: 2 years (1 year, extendable for another year)
. Monthly salary: ~2000 € net (depending on experience)


Candidates should first contact potential supervisor(s) among the members of the ILCB/BLRI. Below, you will find a list of projects and supervisors, with a potential computational neuroscience content,  that will be given priority for this call:

Olivier Coulon, Adrien Megerditchian
"Nested cortical models for human and non-human primate inter-species comparisons"

Andrea Brovelli, Demian Battaglia
"Functional Connectivity Dynamics of the Language Network"

Sylvain Takerkart, Hachem Kadri
"Multi-modal averaging of neuroimaging data using multi-view machine learning. Methods and applications"

Benjamin Morillon , Kristof Strijkers
"Time as a functional mechanism of sensorimotor integration in speech and language?"

Magalie Ochs
"Human-Machine Interaction, Artificial agent, Affective computing, Social signal processing"

Eric Castet
"Efficiency of a Virtual Reality Headset to improve reading in low vision persons"


However, you can also apply to any subject, under the supervision of any ILCB/BLRI member (more info can be found here: http://www.blri.fr/members.html.).

When the research project is finalized and approved by the supervisor(s), the application must be sent to nadera.bureau at blri.fr.

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